Friday, March 2, 2012

Be Anxious For Nothing: Phil 4:6

Not long ago I posted an entry that spoke about why I want to adopt. I’ve been awaiting the receipt of the official commitment paperwork from her organization before I started sharing  publically about my adoption.  The organization is a ministry whose focus is advocating for Down Syndrome orphans around the world by collecting donations for the purpose of disbursing grants to adopting parents.

Today’s post is not about drumming up financial support. People who are interested in donating to help the child I have committed to come home will be able, at a later date, to use the link to my to give tax deductible donations. Because I haven’t been officially matched to a specific child, I have been reluctant to post without being able to “introduce” her.     If the country closes their doors to US adoptions, the funds are labeled for that child until they open again and she can come home. If something happens and my family is unable to adopt her, the funds stay with that account.  They are organization advocating for the children and they will do what they can to find a home for every child. The home study agency I am working for says “our goal is to find families for waiting children… not to be sure every family gets a baby.” The funds that are raised through the ministry I am coordinating with can be used for travel costs, agency fees and other associated costs as we progress. There will be other fundraising options that will assist our family in bringing home a child and those funds will remain in a separate account for use in her adoption. Those options will be shared in the coming weeks. Today, I am only asking for prayer. When one obeys the call of God, difficulties sometimes arise. People are attacked or discouraged, sometimes interference from the Enemy occurs. Please pray for the following requests as we begin this emotional roller coaster:

1. Adoption is one giant mess of paperwork. I feel like the last nine years of my Air Force career have prepared me quite well for this. I also have 30 hours of adoption CBTs (computer based training) to do before my dossier (fancy name for the adoption package sent to her country) is submitted. The Air Force has also prepared me well for that. Please pray that all of the documentation floating around getting signed, stamped, apostilled, and FedEx-ed makes it where it needs to be without any unnecessary delays.

2. Pray that the home study interviews go smoothly. The sooner the home study is completed, the sooner my dossier can be forwarded to her country. (If it is completed in time, I am eligible to apply for an adoption grant for which the application deadline is 30 April.)

3. Pray for the fundraising efforts to come. Adoption is costly and I am not made of money. While it may be easy to fit another person at the table and cooking for one more is a pleasure, managing all of the up-front fees to adopt is another thing entirely. I am blessed to have medical coverage and housing supplied by the military. Sharing those things with another person does not affect us. Still, bringing her home will be more than a challenge. God is bigger than any bank account and when we are in His Will, He provides. We believe that He will make a way for us to bring her home in His time. Fortunately, He made some pretty wonderful people in this world who are willing to contribute to adoption funds to bring orphans home to their forever families. If you know those people, please be ready to share our story with them.

4. Pray for the child I will adopt.  Waiting six years is too long for a child with amazing potential to wait for a family.  She deserves to be loved, educated, held, encouraged and cared for.   Pray for her safety- that she is well cared for while she waits, that she receives medical care when required, and that she is treated in a loving manner by her caregivers. Pray for her emotional needs. I cannot imagine what it must be like for a child to live for six years without a family, the only given attention divided amongst unnumbered children and weary caregivers.

5. Pray that God’s Will be done. That others will be touched as they watch Him work, that God will be glorified and that a sweet little girl’s exciting, life changing journey may be life changing for others, too.

Thank you for following along with us. We can’t wait to share with you in our journey to provide a forever family to a precious, waiting child of God.

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