Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Super summer skirts

I've finally reached a point where I can begin the original adoption fundraiser I began with!

These great summer skirts would be a must for my wardrobe if I didn't have to wear a uniform every day. Jonah refuses to wear a skirt, so I have nobody to make them for. Yet.

If you know a small young lady who could use a skirt or two, I can help! I need to know a waist measurement, and a length measurement. If you want a skirt longer than about knee length, the price will be higher due to the increase in fabric required. I am happy to accommodate!

I included some fabric choices in this post, as well.

Skirts are $15 for little girls. Two-tiered skirts are $18. Later this week I hope to update this blog with a tab dedicated to this fundraiser. I will add embellishment options, as well (special trim, ribbon, appliqué, lace). Those will be available for an additional charge. If you would like to send your own fabric, the skirt cost is $10. I am happy to use what you send me.

If you see a fabric you like and would like to order, please leave a comment with the quantity and appropriate measurements. When I have a moment to "name" the fabrics, I will edit the post. Until then, feel free to describe the fabric you want. The comments are moderated. If you don't want yours posted, indicate that in your comment and I will just save the email.

I will update shipping cost and estimated time until shipping later this week!

If anyone would like to help me design a page on my blog with an order form, etc., I'll make arrangements for a free skirt of your choice.

Share this post with your friends. I'll take orders from anyone interested. I appreciate your help in spreading the word to make this fundraiser a success!

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