Sunday, April 15, 2012

Around the world in 30 days...$1 Challenge!!

A little goes a long way...

I have 343 Facebook friends. If each one gave just $1 to my soon-to-be daughter's adoption fund, that is $343.00 (I know... Math genius). How many friends do you have? More, less? I know not every person can/will donate, but each of my readers can share this post! If each of your friends gave $1- what would that equal?

I read a letter today from a former volunteer caregiver who visited the institution to which she had been transferred. In less than six months time her health has deteriorated, teeth are decaying and cognitive delays are worsening. No longer the sweet, dark haired baby girl in earlier photos, she is pictured now with no hair and a scarf on her head. She is tied to her stroller or her bed and requests to get out are denied. She is showing signs of neglect and physical abuse.

My little girl is in an institution now and I pray it is not one like the place I read about today. The sooner I can get to her, the sooner she can come out of that place and begin to live.

Will you share this post and encourage your friends to share just $1.00? I'd love to see how far around the world this challenge can go in just 30 days.

For less than the cost of a soda, or a coffee, a smartphone app, or a pack of gum, you can be a part of giving the gift of life to this little girl. If you will commit a dollar, click on the ChipIn to the right of this post to donate, enter your name and town in a comment below and share with your friends via Facebook or email. let's see how far around the world we can get! Can we get a dollar from every US state?

Help bring my little girl home!!

Blessings to you,

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