Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Ultimate Hate Crime

For a week, I avoided reading this article about two parents awarded monetary damages in a "wrongful birth" lawsuit.

They "won" the case because their son was born with significant disability and the physician did not provide enough extensive laboratory testing to "warn" the parents in time for them to abort him. 

Cases like this are the beginning of a slippery slope that ends in places like Belgium where parents can take the lives of their disabled children in the name of pain and suffering. 

When one can be awarded monetary damages and validated for wishing his or her child dead, it won't be long before our society allows post-birth abortion, which is just a really pathetic code name for murder that is suggested in cases where a mother would have chosen to abort her child if she had known the baby would be born "damaged." 

On a smaller scale, but still affecting those who provide medical care, cases like this are a detriment to physicians as well. For an individual who swears an oath to do no harm and then is sued because he didn't provide two parents with sufficient information to warn them of a child's defects "in time" for them to kill him (death constitutes considerable harm) applies a permanent blemish to a good physician's record, damages his reputation and impacts his livelihood. 

There is no other way to describe this than selfishness. It is selfish on the part of the parents, and on the part of every person involved in the support of this case and cases like it. Every single individual who validates this couple's decision to sue and the court's decision to award damages is guilty of unspeakable selfishness. 

 What about the little boy whose parents have announced to the world that they wish he were dead? 

We live in a society where any parent who dares to damage his or her child's self-esteem suffers ridicule, and any parent who spanks a child is guilty of abuse. 

In our society, any individual who utters a slur against a person or people group is subject to administrative action, fines, and corporate boycotts. 

It has become a crime to hurt someone else's feelings.  

It's okay, though, to hate them enough to kill them, as long as you do it before they are born. 

In some places in the world, it doesn't even stop there. 

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